Empowering Students to Share an Authentic Voice

With a motto like, “Ideas worth spreading,” it’s almost like TED Talks were made for the classroom — after all, spreading ideas is fundamental to what education is all about. In this session, we will examine how 4th grade students at SSIS have been learning about argument, rhetoric, and presentation skills within a fully integrated unit focused on how to increase our independence by managing external influences. The unit incorporated a host of English language arts standards, from reading, researching, speaking, writing, and language usage. It engaged students in creative and critical thinking skills. Students developed a “TED” style talk that blended personal storytelling, research, oral performance, gestures and visual metaphors to convince an audience of some key idea and personal perspectives. Participants will learn how to organise and sequence this unit; using both high-tech and low-tech resources and skills. They will hear about the empowering feelings of ownership and pride that arise when an opportunity like this is given to students. Participants will walk away with resources and ideas, inspired to start TED-style talk projects in their schools!

Workshop Session 3
Location: Middle School A207 Date: February 18, 2017 Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Language: Melanie Sylvester